Haumoana School Board (Formerly known as Board of Trustees)

Our Board of Trustees (BOT) is elected by the school community every three years. The BOT works closely with the principal to govern the school for the benefit of all children.

The Haumoana School Board is responsible for the Governance and Policies of the school. In particular, the Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic plan for the school. It is also particularly interested in reviewing the achievement data to measure the performance of the school.

The Board reports to parents on a regular basis via the newsletter.

Board meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday evening of each month commencing at 6:00 pm in the staff room. Notice of each meeting is given in the school newsletter, calendar and whānau, parents/caregivers are welcome to attend as the meetings are held in public.

Note: meetings held in public are not public meetings. The distinction is that while the public may attend, they do not have speaking rights. The Board also has the responsibility to go "in committee" (and exclude the public) when the privacy rights of an individual might be at risk.


Copies of the following documentation are available in the office area for your information:

  • Board Minutes

School Policies and Procedures are on our SCHOOLDOCS site.

SchoolDocs Username: haumoana  Password: gannet

Other useful BOT information

School strategic plan 



Joe Snee - Presiding Member

Toby Payton- Property

Kirstin Hartley- Staff representative

Liz Vanderpump – Principal

Annabel Murphy –  Community Liason

Annah Kight- Finance

Bonnie Llewellyn- Health and Safety

Una Smith – Board appointed Minutes Secretary

Board members can be contacted via the school office or the board email bot@haumoana.school.nz