Our behaviour kaupapa

Our Values & Settings

Haumoana School is committed to implementing a whole-school approach to Positive Behaviour Support for engagement and learning. Our approach aligns academic and behavioural systems to emphasise explicitly teaching, monitoring and encouraging positive behaviour. We explicitly teach our three values of Whānaungatanga, Resilience and Respect. This includes Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga and Wairuatanga.

Behaviour kaupapa

A full description of how we do things at Haumana School can be found here. At Haumoana School, our behaviour management kaupapa is about creating and maintaining a nurturing, safe environment where systems and practices support students to learn and make positive behaviour choices. We have the belief that opportunities for contented learning and achievement increase when:

• the school environment is positive and supportive

• expectations are consistent and clear

• students are taught expected behaviour

•students are consistently acknowledged for expected behaviour

•students are responded to respectfully, equitably and fairly.

Through the implementation of positive behaviour kaupapa, systems are aligned to create an inclusive environment where there is a:

1. Common purpose and approach to behaviour management

2. Clear set of positive expectations and behaviours

3. Procedures for teaching expected behaviour

4. Continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviour

5. Continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate behaviour

6. Procedures for data collection, ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

At Haumoana School, we use the following principles to guide our decisions and actions:

1. Use data to guide decision making

2. Establish school behaviour management practices for academic and behaviour success

3. Make decisions that are linked to important and measurable outcomes

4. Utilise research-validated practices, interventions and strategies

5. Emphasise an instructional approach to behaviour management

6. Emphasise prevention

7. Adapt products, activities, actions, etc., to align with cultural and contextual characteristics of the local environment (e.g. family, neighbourhood, community)

8. Evaluate continuously

9. Coordinate efforts with a school-wide leadership team.

10. At Haumoana, we have comprehensive policies and procedures around bullying. We use the term “Bullying” to describe “deliberate and harmful behaviour that is repeated or continues over a period of time.”

The common use of ‘bullying’ instead of ‘unkind behaviour’ causes confusion and distress for all parties involved. Haumoana school staff are trained to recognise bullying and intervene appropriately within and outside the classroom.