Children enter school with different needs and abilities. It is our role to cater to these needs and to allow all children to reach their potential.  Our teachers plan collaboratively to implement the New Zealand curriculum, focussing on authentic and localised contexts for learning. This year, the theme for learning is "Haumoana taonga" we aim to bring to life our motto "Learning to Fly" by giving the children the tools to discover the history of the school and have a sense of place (term 1) their roles as kaitiaki in the environment (term 2),  further develop their sense of wellbeing and foster positive relationships (term 3), as well as being able to explore the world around them through looking at how forces work (term 4). 

An ongoing theme is that of digital technologies, as teachers learn to implement the new curriculum. We have a range of technological devices and equipment for the children to use and learn with. All students have access to iPads in each class, and years 4-6 use Chromebooks- the school provides these, however, we do ask families that can, to supply one.

Farm to Plate (you won't see this anywhere else, quite the same as it is at Haumoana School!)

Our Farm to Plate programme aims to support the children's wellbeing; they grow and prepare their own produce to eat.  Our children have been leading the way as they enthusiastically get their hands dirty and learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food. Combining hands-on learning and life-skills at the same time is a perfect vehicle for rich and purposeful learning.

Haumoana is now moving towards developing our own curriculum, taking advantage of its own gardens and kitchen area. With the support of our amazing community, we have opened our multi-use space that links to the library, which includes a fully equipped kitchen. Our Farm to Plate programme is growing into a school-wide opportunity for all learners. Children and teachers can take the learning as far as they can imagine, incorporating all curriculum areas and giving us a great hands-on way to grow our thinking.

Our gardens have extended to include the beginnings of an orchard, glasshouse and shade house. This allows students to grow food year-round, experience planning for a yearly planting calendar, raise their own plants from seed, companion planting and explore sustainable horticultural practices on a larger scale.

Reading Recovery

We are fortunate to have Kay Foley as our Reading Recovery teacher available to students for two hours per day. This is funded by the Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education and accelerates reading progress who those who would most benefit. Entry is based on the results of the 6 Year Surveys and regular attendance and parental support are essential to the success of the programme.

Reading Together

This programme is run for groups of parents and children at various times during the year. It supports parents develop strategies when reading to and with their children at home. Three fast-paced fun sessions are led by a teacher. Parents meet others who are facing similar challenges, meet local librarians, and learn quick easy strategies to use at home. Enquire at the office if you feel that this could help you.

Learning Assistance Programme

This programme is organized by the school SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) and is available to students who require additional learning programmes to meet their needs.  Learning programmes may be in their own class, small group or one to one. Parents are notified before a child begins on a special learning programme and will be part of the team through any intervention. Access to external agencies to support students with their learning is part of this process. If you are concerned about your child’s learning or would like to seek additional learning support please make contact with us. We are here to listen.