Children enter school with different strengths and abilities. It is our role to cater to these needs and to support all children to reach their potential.  Our teachers plan collaboratively to implement the New Zealand curriculum, focussing on authentic and localised contexts for learning.

An ongoing theme is that of digital technologies, as teachers learn to implement the new curriculum. We have a range of technological devices and equipment for the children to use and learn with. All students have access to iPads in each class, and years 4-6 use Chromebooks- the school provides these, however, we do ask families that can, supply one for years 5 and 6.

Our curriculum is localised and as an enviroschool, our principles include honouring the status of Tangata Whenua. We value and embrace tikanga and te reo, with half an hour of formal learning of te reo Māori for every class every week. Our students are supported to learn local stories and the significance of local landmarks, and their connections to the people.

Garden to Table (you won't see this anywhere else, quite the same as it is at Haumoana School!)

Our Garden to Table programme aims to support the children's wellbeing; they grow and prepare their own produce to eat.  Our children have been leading the way as they enthusiastically get their hands dirty and learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food. Combining hands-on learning and life skills at the same time is a perfect vehicle for rich and purposeful learning.

Haumoana is now moving towards developing its own curriculum, taking advantage of its own gardens and kitchen area. With the support of our amazing community, we have opened our multi-use space that links to the library, which includes a fully equipped kitchen. Our Garden to table programme is growing into a school-wide opportunity for all learners. Children and teachers can take the learning as far as they can imagine, incorporating all curriculum areas and giving us a great hands-on way to grow our thinking.

Our gardens have extended to include the beginnings of an orchard, glasshouse and shade house. This allows students to grow food year-round, experience planning for a yearly planting calendar, raise their own plants from seed, companion planting and explore sustainable horticultural practices on a larger scale.

We are proud that we are supported by the team at Garden to Table.

Reading Recovery

We are fortunate to Bronwyn Sims as our Reading Recovery teacher. Bronwyn ca target 5 of our youngest students for 1:1 tutoring at a time, as well as small groups for Early Literacy Support! This is funded by the school board and the Ministry of Education and accelerates reading progress who those who would most benefit. Entry is based on the results of the 6 Year Surveys and regular attendance and parental support are essential to the success of the programme. We use structured lieracy in our school, with BSLA for the youngest students.

Learning Assistance 

We are an inclusive school with students from all walks of life and strengths. Sometimes students will need additional support to that of the classroom teacher and parents, caregivers or whānau. This means that from time to time we may seek funding for resources such as those supplied by the Ministry of Education. Our aim is to be responsive and nurturing- enabling students to feel connected and successful.

Hauora and wellbeing

Physical activity and being outside is a core part of who we are and how we do things. We run the Pause Breathe Smile programme and actively work with our students to be mindful and use well-being strategies that will assist them to overcome the ups and downs of life.