At this school we believe strongly in the TEACHING OF THINKING. For us this is a deliberate act of providing students with life skills to solve any form of problem they might encounter using a range of appropriate thinking tools. Our approach fits in really well with the New Zealand curriculum which now recognises Thinking as a KEY COMPETENCY.

The four Thinking Skills that we use are De Bono’s hats, Art Costa’s Habits of Mind, Hyerle’s Thinking Maps and Blooms Taxonomy. We use these Thinking Skills to help us teach strong learning and living values.

This is done in many ways at our school – through assemblies, recognition rewards based on the Habits of Mind, assessment samples and both incidental and deliberate acts of teaching. Our choice of Thinking Skills link well with each other, so it is easy for our students to make the connections.

Our aim is always to have our students talking about, understanding and using all four Thinking Skills effectively no matter their age or learning stage.

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