Our Learning


Children enter school with different needs and abilities. It is our role to cater for these needs and to allow all children to reach their full academic potential.  Our recent ERO report (due to be published soon) acknowledges the academic strength of our school programmes and how it is adapted to support all learners.  Our school has been placed on a 4-5 years cycle of review for the second time.


A number of senior students are involved every year in the primary schools Mathletics competition at Havelock North Intermediate. This is an excellent event that tests student’s computation and problem solving skills. Some students are also involved in the international ICAS Competitions.


Science and technology have a strong place in the Haumoana School curriculum.

Garden To Table

Haumoana School is proud to be Hawke’s Bay’s pilot school for the Garden to Table Programme. Garden to Table aims to change the way children approach and think about food.  Our  children will be joining children across the country as they enthusiastically get their hands dirty and learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal food. Combining Hands-on learning and life-skills at the same time is a perfect vehicle for rich and purposeful learning.


We have first class digital technology to enhance and support learning. These featuring:

  • Multi-media digital platforms in each class which could include Chromebooks, notebooks, PCs and i-pads
  • Digital camera and video editing facilities
  • Class Blogs
  • Each class has networked PC’s
  • Computer automated library

All children and staff receive excellent ICT instruction from David Barclay and their class teachers.

Reading Recovery

We are fortunate to have a Reading Recovery teacher available to students for two hours per day. This is funded by the Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education and accelerates reading progress who those who would most benefit. Entry is based on the results of the 6 Year Surveys and regular attendance and parental support are essential to the success fo the programme.

Rainbow Reading Programme

This programme is run all year around – twice each term teachers select a group from their class to take part – sometimes to boost reading and some for extension groups. All children from Year 3 up may be involved.

Learning Assistance Programme

This programme is organized by the school SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) and is available to students who require special learning programmes to meet their needs. This may be extension work or it may be a learning support and “catch up boost”. Learning programmes may be in their own class, small group or one to one. Parents are notified before a child begins on a special learning programme.

Learning Extension Programmes

Small groups are selected by teachers to work on specific learning areas. These opportuntities are often part of the school’s CHALLENGE Programme and the focus is on higher order thinking.